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With the increasing number of young men and women drawn into and entangled in all forms of extremism and violent extremism (EVE) activities in all corners of the globe, SISO seeks to critically identify, research and analyse push and pull factors that attract vulnerable persons into violence in the first place but more importantly, how they can exit through various locally designed interventions that provide alternative narratives. SISO transforms today’s identified risk into tomorrow’s promise.

Our Vision

Our vision is to combine and coordinate a structured intelligence led Security, Anti-Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism approach that involves a clear cut grassroots understanding and engagement with the affected local population, policy makers, law enforcement, international stakeholders, the military and community based frontline practitioners.

Our Mission

SISO is a leading Human Security, Anti-Terrorism and Counter Terrorism platform for consultation, design, implementation and training of local and national policy makers and practitioners from Government, private entities, academic Institutions, NGOs and other frontline stakeholders at a strategic, tactical and operational level. We use a multidimensional STEPPED IN – STEP OUT practical methodology to identify and tackle the root causes and impact of Human Security and non-state actor terrorism from a local, national and international scale.

What makes SISO brand unique?

We provide short, medium and long term solutions to our clients based on a case by case consultation, research and assessment outcome. Our specialised SISO framework is generated from the subject/group of interest, the enabling environment, the prevailing push and pull factors and the technical and structural capacity of each client.


Our team

We quality assure all our facilitators through our process of initial induction training & a period of observation. When our Training Director is satisfied that the student has demonstrated the skills needed they are then assigned “Associate” status. We constantly update our facilitators so they are using the latest techniques in facilitation to achieve the most productive inputs possible.

Our network of facilitators who work on the Prevent agenda are highly skilled & there is a special team who have been accredited by the Office for Security & Counter Terrorism (OSCT) in the Home Office who are now delivering the WRAP product designed by the OSCT Training Unit.

David K.E. Otto

Co-Founder TGS & CEO SISO Prevent Programme Subject Matter Expert in Counter Terrorism, Security and Organized Crime Solution Framework UK/Africa MSc Counter Terrorism & Organized Crime BA (Hons) Law, Criminology

Email: davidotto@tgsintconsultant.com
Chris B. Samuel

Co-founder TGS, Director SISO Programme, Subject Matter Expert Intelligence and Strategic Planning, UK/ Africa, MA Intelligence and Security Studies, BA (Hons) Law & Criminology, University Degree Legal Studies and International relations

Email: c.samuel@tgsintconsultant.com
Nyema James

Executive Director of Legal & Corporate Affairs TGS & SISO LL.B (Hons), NALP

Email: ncjames@tgsintconsultant.com
Raphael Akazara

Director of operations & Investigation TGS & SISO, MSc Crime Science, BA (Hons) Law & Criminology

Email: raphaelakazara@tgsintconsultant.com