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We are a global security consultancy that provides a solution-based platform for conflict prevention, conflict management and conflict resolution using a combined experience of western and African strategy and cultural dynamics. Our experts will consult with you from the stage of programme Conceptualisation, programme Design, Programme Implementation and Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E).

We specialise in the following areas

(Intervention Consultation; Concept development; Programme design; Programme Testing; Programme Implementation; Monitoring and Evaluation and Programme Review):

  • Anti-Terrorism & Counter Terrorism Consultation
  • Human Rights in COIN
  • Radicalisation Awareness
  • Tailored Deradicalization Intervention
  • Disengagement Programmes
  • Ethical Alternative & Counter Narrative
  • Strategic Communication
  • Counter – Illegal Migration Frameworks
  • Inclusive Governance Techniques
  • Counter Human Trafficking Methodologies
  • Security and Political Risk Analysis

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